Devils Gate Wine Works

We winemakers have what we fondly refer to as a “problem”. That, manifesting itself in our distinct and utter inability to turn down any opportunity to play with amazing vineyards, grapes, and the resultant fermented elixir, wine. Feel sorry for us, for we are woefully tempted on a yearly basis to succumb to our creative desires, never mind the risk to our sanity, sleep deprivation, or inherent challenges we must navigate to bring said wine to market years down the road, when at inception we haven’t the slightest glimmer of a plan or end game in sight. Thus, it is with distinct pleasure that I endeavor to add to your vinous experiences in what little ways I can. May I humbly present to you, my personal micro-winery project, Devils Gate. Conceived and crafted in the bowels of a defunct dairy (smells much better these days I assure you) hiding in the hills of Cayucos, where I grew up on my family ranch, I tinker with exceptional small lot batches of varietals I enjoy consuming myself.

Winemaker - Clay Selkirk

coming soon


Join us for a special tasting experience, during the month of July 2018 @ Le Cuvier Winery tasting room in Paso Robles, California. Stay tuned for more information.